At the end of 2019 different well known names of Nordic graffiti gathered in a peculiar exhibition organized in Stockholm. This is “Back to Graffiti”, an exhibition event that aims to fully respect the conditions of the creation of graffiti.

It is known that transferring the purity of graffiti to the walls of an exhibition space is a difficult task to carry out. Not only because graffiti itself is a movement where it is difficult to generate the same public interest as pictorial art, also the conditions of creation, the planning of the works and their approach to the public depraves the disinterested nature of this and, as a consequence, its essence.

We believe that this is what Back 2 Graffiti aims to claim. This exhibition, inaugurated on November 29th, has selected 8 Nordic writers through a criterion strictly limited to the values ​​of graffiti: their level of ability with letters. Without frames or canvases, 1000 square meters of wall in an industrial building in Stockholm have been the surface to be intervened by Jeks, Dekis, Kear, Swet, Caster, Roxes, Kiss and Pike. The result is an explosive first-class stylistic mix, ranging from Caster’s retro rawness to Swet’s sinuous wildstyle through Kear’s “computer rock” style.

A video from the event was recently published and here below you can see the work which is edited by Simon Forsberg to sum up this magnificent experience.

“Back to graffiti is an exhibition format designed by the art Kollektivet Livet and the artist JEKS. After an initial exhibition in “Slakthusområdet” (Slaughterhouse area), in 2019, it was clear to us that we had been right in the idea that there is a large curious audience who want to take part in well-produced text-based Graffiti when it is in its most free form, curated by itself, and up close and personal.”

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