Fintan Magee is a Sydney-based social realism painter specializing in large-scale murals that many of you may have already heard of. Magee is a committed artist and one of his strengths lies in the sensitivity that can be found in his murals.

His art has always captivated us, but today we’ll be talking about the mural that he has painted for the Ipswich Festival and the Brisbane Art Festival, in Queensland, Australia and that is named “Two figures behind Glass.”

On his instagram account you can find the explanation of the mural in his own words, but here is an excerpt: “This work depicts two rail-workers behind beveled glass… The work explores the role of deindustrialization in urban communities and on the suburban fringes of Australia. The figures in the mural appear distant, disconnected, isolated and breaking up… This painting pays tribute to these essential workers while proposing a reassessment of how they are valued in the post-COVID-19 world.”
The mural is steeped in nostalgia and reminds us that the working class, always undervalued, is the one that maintains and unites society around the world.
Art, once again, invites us to reflect on the social fabric, on what it means and how it is necessary in a society that frequently forgets those who had their backs in times of need.

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