Today we launch a brand new series recounting retelling the history of Montana Colors since its inception – exclusively on It will be the first time that we share the origins of the company, how a dream that few believed in became a reality that would revolutionize the world of graffiti.

Until recently, the team at Montana Colors has not been known to boast about our achievements or shout about the historical importance that we may have had within graffiti. However, our followers on social media have shown particular interest in the story behind the brand. “We Were There” will help grow the feeling of community shared both by aficionados and the Montana Colors family, old and new.

Graffiti has gone from being a relatively young movement to a cultural universe with more than 50
years of history and a growing audience. Although many writers who went through the turn of the century know parts of the history of Montana Colors, new generations of writers may not yet appreciate the revolutionary birth of this brand. The story runs the risk of being lost if it is not told as faithfully as possible.
So the time has come to share the story, in chapter and verse, with all of you. The tale of how this project emerged, the journey from a far-fetched idea to today’s business model competing on the scale of a large multinational.

Far from just serving as a source of fundamental information to understand the core identity of Montana Colors from its roots, this adventure that will replay memories and images, and will be a landmark moment necessary to comprehend the history of graffiti and its evolution. A legacy that we are writing together and that one day will be consolidated as an artistic movement as valued and important as any other.

“We Were There” is an audiovisual account of the history of Montana Colors, told through the words of the originators of the graffiti scene and the pioneers of graffiti spray paint technology in Barcelona. Stay tuned to episodes appearing weekly on”

Maybe, without the contribution that Montana Colors brought to the world of graffiti, this movement wouldn’t have reached the point where it is now. What is certain is that it wouldn’t have painted in the same Colors. But the truth is that We Were There.

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