Analysis and reinvention are two of Belin‘s trademarks, an artist who we’ve been very close to since he started painting in the 90s. Now, we have the opportunity to appreciate not only his qualities, but also the path he has followed and changes he has experienced since he started painting.
Wip, the exhibition that you can currently enjoy at Montana Shop Gallery, shows a selection of some of his most iconic works. We will take a trip through his past, we will understand his present and we will imagine his future with him. We invite you to come and be witnesses of his trajectory.

Miguel Ángel Belinchón, better known as Belin, has been a presence in the national graffiti scene linked to Montana Colors since its emergence in 1994. His current work stems from urban art and finds the artist in a constant dichotomy between tradition and modernity that extends to the techniques he applies.

In 2020, the exercise of retrospection has been present in the vital and artistic analysis of many artists when producing their work. The same sensations have equally been experienced by Belin, who has demonstrated a certain evolution in recent months. In this retrospective, we take a fresh look at his trajectory from his beginnings to his latest creations of 2020.

For this occasion, Montana Gallery Barcelona presents a series of pieces ranging from sculptures and ceramics to canvas, demonstrating the Belin’s photorealistic creations within the frame of his self-styled Post Neo Cubism. The exhibition is completed with his freshest expressionist and chromatic pieces that the artist’s mastery of movement with spray paint.

You can see the exhibition from March 31st to May 8th at Montana Gallery Barcelona, c/ Comerç. 6.
Monday to Saturday from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. / Sunday closed.

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