Pictures by Clara Antón

The long-awaited new additions to the MTN Mega Colors range are here with five more colors!
The writers Ellr and Koll have made use of the entire range of 20 colors to produce an incredible 50 m long production.

If anything characterizes the traditional Swedish graffiti style, it is the prominence of thick lines painted with Fat Caps. The influence of train and subway graffiti – often carried out in Stockholm with fast backjump missions in the 2000s – gave Swedish graffiti a bold aesthetic thanks to the use of high pressure tools. Some of these traits are still present in the work of writers like Koll and Ellr, who have developed their own style, drawing influence from some of the more sophisticated trends of Scandinavia and New York.

The Mega Colors format is one of the writers’ favorite formats, simply because of the area it can cover. If there was anything missing from a line that has grown even more popular in recent years to produce high-speed or large-scale pieces, it was an augmentation of colors to a range that is relatively limited compared to the Hardcore gloss spray paint.
So the time has come to present five more colors, conceived specifically to complement the existing 15. Their names will be familiar to fans of the Hardcore range:

  • Dark Blue
  • Bordeaux Red
  • Lutecia Green
  • Surgical Green
  • Violet

To demonstrate the potential of the extended range, we let Ellr and Koll loose with the full selection of MTN Mega Colors to flex their skills on a huge scale. The result is immense: a gigantic 200 square meter mural, completed in less than 12 hours, that demonstrates the iconic style of these two prolific Swedish writers. The central character – Grouchy Smurf – anchors with the two fierce burners that look out onto the Mediterranean from the beach at Sant Adriá, Barcelona.

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The news of the new selection of Mega Colors coincides with another product drop: a brand new accessory that is the ideal complement for this type of intervention. The MTN Tool Belt is a belt designed to hold four 400 ml aerosols, but as Ellr and Koll demonstrate, the belt can also hold larger formats. It also has two extra pockets to carry personal supplies or tools like your phone, keys or caps. The accessory, made from 500 cordura resin, is essential for painting hard-to-reach spots with ladders or for other situations when you need to carry various cans whilst keeping your hands free.

The full range of 20 MTN Mega Colors and the MTN Tool Belt are available today. Contact your local Montana Colors dealer to get yours!

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