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Montana Colors and Kappa join forces in a sensational collaboration made up of four drops, celebrating the sports casual aspects of graffiti in a unique project.

Kappa is an iconic sports brand that rose to popularity during the 1990s. With a sophistication characteristic of Italian fashion, the Turin-based brand has always enjoyed a timeless athletic appeal, and their signature apparel looks fresher than ever in 2021.

Montana Colors is proud to work with Kappa for the first time, highlighting the link between graffiti and sport. Not only is physical fitness vital for success in both worlds, but also teamwork, the desire to improve, and of course, fashion.

Kappa has a historical legacy in football, the most popular sport in Europe. Iconic teams like Futbol Club Barcelona and Athletic de Bilbao have worn the “Omini” on their chest, immortalizing in our memory the silhouette of the woman and the man leaning on each other. The collaboration also makes reference to those successful 1990s squads in the buildup to the Euro 2020/1 competition, just like old-school aesthetics are still employed in modern murals by graffiti writers.

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“An artistic career is a marathon, it takes a lot of years of work”

As part of the Kappa #KeepPerforming campaign, the Italian brand has chosen Barcelona artist Kamil Escruela as an ambassador for this collaboration. An aficionado of everything sports casual, Kamil breaks down the significance that he places on the athletic aesthetic: “The importance of sportswear in graffiti goes back to the origins of hip-hop and breakdancing, as well as its comfort – perfect for our type of work in the street… and I also practiced athletics for some years” he says.

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“I will always remember everything I learned, the people I met, the language, the codes and respect”

The Barcelona artist takes the opportunity to tell us about his transition from street writer to contemporary artist. “At first you’re a caterpillar. When you emerge, you still haven’t become a butterfly … you need work to develop the wings and colors,” he tells us. In fact, Kamil’s story speaks to the determination of a humble young man who went from working in a fast food chain and dealing drugs to fighting to be an artist through hard work: “An artistic career is a marathon, it takes a lot of years of work,” he points out.
It should be noted that Kamil has paid his dues when it comes to graffiti. His experience in the more clandestine aspects of the game has provided plenty of lessons: “I do what I do thanks to that,” he says; “I will always remember everything I learned, the people I met, the language, the codes and respect.”

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Kamil Escuela serves as an example for many future artists, in the same way that the established characters of post-graffiti are for him. “Sixe, Okuda, Felipe Pantone, Escif … if they do well, it makes me happy, because it means that the future opens up for everyone,” he says with an admirably optimistic view that reflects his upbeat character, a position that we discovered is reflected in the way he dresses. Kamil Escruela is also the model example of the traditional links between sportswear and spirit of urban art, as well as a representation a progressive attitude towards the future.

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