On the occasion of the “Printed Matters” exhibition that Shepard Fairey presented at Underdogs, the Lisbon gallery posted one of the magnificent videos about the OBEY brand creator’s work.

In addition to some interesting thoughts regarding the artwork explained by Fairey himself and the report about the opening, the video showcases the three interventions completed by the artist in the Portuguese capital. One of them was done together with Vhils, one of the most important street artists from the country.

“I love Andy Warhol, Robert Rauschenberg, Jasper Johns, propaganda art and advertising (…) Russian constructivism or Cuban art or, you know,Coca-Cola.”

“I’ve been a really big fan of Vhil’s work for long time. The first thing that struck me was the poetry of the concept of creation and destruction simultaneously (…) I think this is a very concise metaphor of the cycle of life.”

“We as human beings will be too short-sighted to provide for the next generations everything will take for granted for ourselves. I’m terrified by that.”

“Printed Matters”, the show that lead Shepard to having this productive visit to Lisbon, will remain open for public viewing until September 23.

Photo credits: Under-Dogs, Jornal Do Luxemburgo.

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