The largest mural in Las Vegas isn’t on its own. There isn’t one, but two of them, that were completed byShepard Fairey and D*Face at the end of January/beginning of February. The two colossal vertical walls of the historic Plaza Hotel have been intercepted by the Life Is Beautiful festival in conjunction with Justkids, who are presenting this documentary video about the titanic company.

This type of works requires a rather physically exhausting effort but it’s also very gratifying to see a piece of this scale come to light.

“Cultivating Harmony” is the title of the work generated by Shepard Fairey who, accustomed to working on these gigantic proportions, managed to maintain the detail and precision of his designs with their recognizable color range. The artist once again reclaims world peace through symbols he’s previously used such as the lotus flower.
As for D*Face, this was his fifth mural in Las Vegas. His adaptation of Lichtenstein’s style pays homage to the hotel lifestyle. Thanks to the British artist’s personal experience, he has developed a fascination for the types of people who pass through these transitory places.
So, the Hotel Plaza in Las Vegas possesses two spectacular monumental scaled artworks that are as different from one another as they are suggestive and impeccable. A work that reminds us the one they left in Malaga.

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