We never get tired of saying it, Back to the Style is, probably, the best graffiti festival in Italy, and one of the best in Europe. They have once again shown us that fact through a edition with a amazing line-up of writers representing all the classic wildstyle types there are to be found.

But before we get to the murals and the explosion of color it created we will according to custom visit the meeting where practicing styles on paper is the object, “No Color Sketch”.

On the walls, apart from the standard classics Zeus, Opium, Koso, Ghost, Gosh and Mr. Pencil, we also got to see features of superb writers and artists, among other Franz from Italy, Tones from Switzerland, Kaisy from Slovakia, Heis and Planet256 from Germany and none other than Revok MSK. A true mix of wildstylers which, as usual at this gathering, made up to two or three pieces each for the event.

And when it comes to the concerts and break battles it seems to once again have gathered large audiences. It can all be witnessed through the fabulous video made by Guiseppe Nappo and Daniel Zako, which also can be found linked below.

The photographic talent of Vasiliki Ioannou has also brought us some epic images, definitely at the level of the magnificent artistry of the rest of the event. Heres a selection to serve as the perfect testimony of a historic event, which as always, has taken place many thanks through the help of GraffitiShop and the store Il Fouri Orario. You can see all the pictures at Back to the Style’s Instagram.



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