The latest publications on the Spray Planet website dives into the work of very interesting artists, not only from North America.

“Spray Planet Artist Feature” is the title of the series of reports that follows a specific artist in each episode, all published on Spray Planet USA’s website. The content of these articles introduces the origins of each of the artists presented while explaining the peculiarities of their work and their current projection, in a very generous way. In addition, quotes made about the same artists that tells about different aspects about their own work are also included.

Nychos, Aryz, Mike Giant or Ricky Watts, (the artist who has decorated the facade of the Montana Shop LA), are some of the artists presented in the material. The finger injury suffered by Aryz, the influence of Nychos’ parents in his works, or the early beginnings of Mike Giant are some of the curiosities you will discover, apart from knowing in depth the history and evolution of these artists you should take a look at each of these publications with patience and attention.

But in addition to these “artist features”, Spray Planet also manages to add other news of varied format among the rest, such as interviews.  Like the one recently published to Semor, a German writer whose amazing style transforms his letters in every piece with all kinds of optical effects.

Apart from the great results of his work on walls, Semor is famous for his contagious sense of humor, his tireless thirst for traveling and adventures and his extrovert personality and transparency. Qualities that are shown without filter in the close up and personal interview in which a very interesting topic is also addressed: the evolution of the stylistic influence between the United States and Europe.

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