The Instagram account @graffitiberlinblog, leading spotter on the yellow submarine, is capturing a series of pieces that pay tribute to different historical or influential writers.

In the third decade of the 21st century, graffiti has acquired a mutation that was hard to predict: not even the name matters anymore. The Parisian scene may have been one of the pioneers in applying the strategy of constantly changing names to avoid RATP charges through the so-called “dossiers;” the way of scrupulously ordering suburban complaints by name.

The international transformation of graffiti on trains has thus taken an important new step. Systematic cleaning has not only failed to put an end to graffiti on trains (more and more cities cannot keep up with it), but many writers sacrifice the fame of their name by using arbitrary aliases. After all, all established writers can be recognized by their style no matter what letters they use, since their personal language will be understandable to those truly passionate about culture.

“Dondi CIA” Tribute

“Dez TFA” Tribute

Berlin exemplifies the two previous themes perfectly: the system is more full of pieces in circulation than ever and in it we can see how some writers try to dodge investigations by using random names, with their pieces being paradoxically “captured” by spotters who seem to be alert 24/7.

This is why, since the beginning of the year, we have found some curious works published on @graffitiberlinblog, one of the most important piece hunters in the German capital, with all due respect of course to @trainhustlers_official. This is a series of tributes to different writers that we wanted to group according to their renderings of a perfect classic wildstyle. The 70-80’s masters Donald “Dondi” White, Dez TFA, Ven AOK or King Kase 2 TFP, eternal in the collective imagination for theirs endearing and inspiring appearances in Style Wars, are some of the works that pay tribute to the original New York scene. Although we have also found some nods to not so old -but in some ways charismatic- writers such as Zoer.

“Kase2 TFP” tribute


“Ven AOK” tribute

Together these pieces serve as a global tribute to the discipline of graffiti on trains and the different levels of cultural connections within in it.

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