Since April 11th there has been in la2 a new program about Hip Hop culture presented by el Chojín.  He is accompanied by folks like  Kapi, El Langui, Suso 33, and many more.

Ritmo Urbano is a cooperative program that accommodates everyone that loves and respects HipHop.  It tries to show the serious, cultural and professional sides of HipHop. It is not a television network production. It’s an independent production, with hardly any resources, directed and produced by people who have more than 25 years in the game.  They are trying to gain the public’s respect based on quality and effort.

Chapter 1

With Berto Romero, Tatu, Manu, Sr. Rojo, Lennon.

Chapter 2

With José Mota, Suso 33, Manu , Requiem B-boy Championship, Dj Kanzer.

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