To inspire and to motivate both the team and the culture, the Portuguese Football Federation has launched a project entitled ”Conquista o Sonho” (conquer the dream). This is a campaign which is set to mobilize the people of Portugal to back the national team at the coming world cup held in Russia.

Through the collaboration of Lara Seixo Rodriguez, creator of the graffiti workshop project Lata 65 made for older people, the organization made to supervise Portuguese football has invited urban art to be a energizing factor. The group of artist selected by the FPF includes a variety of portuguese street art talents whose techniques involves all from graffiti to stencils.

The pieces and murals created within the frames of the event are unique and unpublished presentations by the “Conquista o Sonho” movement, without reasons of profit and with the only objective to serve as a source of inspiration for the Portuguese people with the aim to create a unifying winner mentality.

Akacorleone, Federico Draw and Samina are the three artists whose interventions can be seen here through the images of Mistaker Marker. A great selection of videos awaits you here below.

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