The DabsMyla tandem bring a monumental water tower in Arkansas to life with their latest large-format mural intervention.

Australians Darren and Emmelene Mate, a couple better known in the art universe as DabsMyla, ended 2020 with a project that adds to their canon of large-scale interventions that took them from the world of graffiti to the contemporary art scene.
Justkids, an art platform exclusively run by women, have collaborated with the Arkansas OZ Art NWA network to curate the project, which can be found in Fort Chaffee.

As they demonstrated in their recent MTN Limited Edition can, the style of the LA residents has boldly evolved towards a composition of psychedelic shapes and colors, based on their knowledge in the field of design and color theory.
In their own words: “Color plays a big role in our work and how we create. For this piece, we wanted to produce an uplifting feeling through flowers and running a rainbow of hues from the bottom to the top. This is a really large work, and we hope that it will positively impact the community and bring happiness to everyone who passes by it”.

Charlotte Dutoit from Justkids continues: “DabsMyla’s mastery of color theory and composition dynamic perfectly speaks to the cylindrical nature of the canvas. The piece creates an unexpected dialogue with the surrounding nature and invites the viewer to step into their mesmerizing peaceful world.” The ambitious 20m intervention wraps the whole tower, providing color to the abandoned structure. The result manages to engages with the natural aesthetics of the site, enriching the local environment, whilst adding artistic interest to its community in the trademark personality of the Dabs Myla.

You can now download Tramontana01 featuring a report with the duo, and check out a video interview with them here.

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