Tramontana Magazine is a high quality, free, and internationally distributed publication for cultural divulgation that we’ve enthusiastically completed at Montana Colors.

In this first issue we’ve focused the content on a series of testimonies and personal and professional memories from different generations who offer their particular view on “modern/current graffiti” and “new contemporary art”.

Our main wish is to be able to offer Tramontana as a gift to a community with which we’ve maintained an intimate relationship since our foundation almost 25 years ago.

We would like to continue growing together and be witnesses of our era with you. Now we have a good excuse to portray what’s happening around us and to highlight the people and moments that make up a part of a history that made us what we are today, and to which we’ve also contributed our grain of sand.

We hope to receive your thoughts or any type of information that could help us the effect of Tramontana in your area/ town/ city. Send us your suggestions and reviews to

Tramontana launches its first issue full of stories that cover the whole spectrum of what we consider street art on an international scale. Ranging from Brus’ trains to the massive artistic productions by Dabs and Myla, on through to photography by Henry Chalfant and Enrique Escandell; Spok’s violent anecdotes to Aper’s inebriated action around the world, and even a visit to Aryz’s studio, the universe of Bodé and the latest work by El Mac.

Since it couldn’t have been any other way, inside this dense copy there’s also space for nostalgia and memories of those who are no longer with us. For that reason you’ll find dedications to artists like Risk, Treze and Scan on its pages, plus articles that elevate their huge legacies a little more, and allow you to gain a bit more insight and pay tribute to them.

Remember, this magazine will be available for free at your regular Montana Colors point of sales but the print run isn’t infinite. Don’t get left without your copy!

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