After a brief hiatus owing to obvious reasons, Tramontana is back and harder than ever. The fifth issue of the free Montana Colors magazine has dropped, including an unprecedented amount of content. For this instalment,  center stage is given to street graffiti in all its manifestations: from the trademark drips of Craig Costello and handstyle of Mosa87 to the bubble letters of the Throwup Cult and the sharp letters of Asmoe.
Fans of the Tramontana house style will also find content dedicated to more elaborate aesthetics such as the work of Jero, Aka Corleone or Senk CMS. More than 25 artists picked from the international writing scene are presented in a monumental magazine that serves to symbolize the possibilities of the post-pandemic planet, not only in the streets, but also in the concepts of activity, creativity, and hope.

Tramontana #05 / July, 2021 / Back to Basics!

We feel a need for expression from the moment we are conscious as human beings. This need can be realized in many ways and graffiti – writing your tag or drawing a symbol – is one of them. This spontaneous and innate impulse is carried out through different techniques, chosen specifically to carry out the task in a simple and effective way. From the first line to the tag and then the throw up, the objective remains the same, but becomes broader, more complex and ambitious.

The central report entitled ‘THE BASIS’ forms our particular vision of four basic elements to understand the roots of this subculture: ‘Handstyles’, ‘Throw-ups’, ‘Hang-outs’ and ‘Pen pals’. Tags and fills are analysed alongside two key factors in the relationship of writers during the golden era between the mid-80’s and late 90’s: the centers or meeting points in a selection of cities around the world, as well as the communication between cities by postal correspondence.

Mosa87, AKA Corleone, Senk CMS, Alex Fakso, Whole Train Press, Zurik, Asmoe, Ches, Jeroo, Mr. Plustik, Storm, Poms1, Rafael Sliks, Craig Costello, Jason Jägel, Lead Vlok, Throw Up cult, NovYork, François Chastanet, TG Crew (Derok, Jedis, Sega), Street Art City, Black Markers Collection, Jocelyn Superstar, Kid Acne, Eneri, Cripta Djan, Iser TDC, Gorey, Seb, etc.

Follow us on our IG @tramontanamagazine to keep up to date with this and lots of content that this new edition packs into 250 pages that you can get from your usual Montana Colors supplier. 20k copies. Worldwide distribution.

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